“You sit there with your little GTX 1776 and your Intel i8-42069 getting 255 FPS thinking you’re tough shit huh? That 21ms latency you’ve got there? Oof. Guess what kiddo? You better buckle up because I’m a real top tier gamer. Your computer may be the best daddy’s money can buy but listen close bucko.

My other computer is a data center.”

- me when I retire

With the guy who "invented" passwords having died, does that mean we can finally start moving away from passwords as an authentication requirement and start pursuing other viable alternatives?

Finished up a nice full day of work just to turn around and start working on a 2nd job.

The startup grind is immense, here's to hoping it pays off.

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The moral of this story appears to be:

raw compute power has darn near zero correlation with the ability to do useful things for society.

Never forget that time someone convinced Snoop Dogg that he smoked a blunt with Kurt Cobain by showing him a photoshopped image.

I woke up and genuinely believed I'd invented a way to rewind time an hour and implemented the trigger as a button on my phone but really it was the "stop alarm" button.

Gave a friend of mine a 30 minute intro to programming then we skipped through a 4 hour video and realized I'd already explained every key point in a more concise way.

Object oriented programming is ridiculously easy to teach. You can cover all the basic programming fundamentals while mocking objects with a real world application.

Got distracted from working on my startup so I could stand up my own mastodon instance.

Honestly no regrets.


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